Popduo Bauer

From 1999-2006 I was part of Popduo Bauer: a synth-sample based band with Berend Dubbe. Over the years we released 4 albums with melodic songs influenced by ‘60 bands like The Beach Boys and The Free Design. We won a Silver Harp in 2000 for our album ‘Can't Stop Singing’. In 2006 our dream came true: we wrote a 45 minute orchestral piece for the incredible Metropole Orkest and played 4 shows with them.

Dunce - Bauer

Taken from the album ‘Cant‘t Stop Singing’ (2000)

Climbing Trees - Bauer

Taken from the album ‘Baueresque’ (2004)

Blissfully Up - Bauer & the metropole orkest

Bauer Melody - back stage

This is sweet back stage feature of The Melody Of 2006. I'm a bit in the shade (because it was all very overwhelming at the time, 2006) but I did write the song that you hear... Snow in Spring. Berend wrote the amazing strings in the last part and Martin Fondse wrote the amazing string outro. It's was a dream team collaborating!